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Our Primary Website for BRICO Medical Supplies, Inc. 
Can be found here: 
Here you can find: Blunt Needles, Lab Supplies, Syringes, Exam Gloves, Wheelchairs, etc.

CRF Pet Owners:
Due to ever increasing supply and demand issues making it impossible to maintain adequate stock of IV Fluids coupled with Terumo's decision to discontinue non-safety syringes and needles, I have decided to no longer offer CRF Supplies.

We have enjoyed assisting and in some cases making it possible for people to care for their chronically ill pets suffering from "CRF: Chronic Renal Failure" Your efforts have allowed many of our furry friends to enjoy an extended and better quality of life.

Thank you for allowing us to assist in these efforts as it has been our priveledge to do so.

Below are several links to other online suppliers to assist you in finding a new source for your needs:
         (*Prescriptions are not transferrable and "New Prescriptions" will need to be coordinated with any new supplier.)


Valley Vet Supply 1118 Pony Express Hwy . Marysville, Kansas 66508 
Phone Orders or Questions: 800-419-9524 Fax Orders: 800-446-5597
Web Site:

KV Supply

3190 N Road, David City, NE  68632 
800-423-8211 (phone) 
800-269-0093 (fax)

Thriving Pets, 950 E. Harvard Ave #170, Denver, CO  80210 
 Phone: (303) 333-1899, Fax: (303) 733-3999

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